About Us

Our History & Our Team

Find out about how we got started, what our vision and current mission is and why, then meet our experienced team members.

Our History

Our CEO and Founder Paul started the charity in 2011 in Hull, with only one client. It soon grow fast over the coming weeks and ten years later we have been able to assist 1,000s people suffering with addictions and have seen 1,000s in counselling.

In 2019 RHM Recovery rebranded the counselling arm of the charity to Rhema Counselling and this has been successful in helping clients that we were unable to reach.

Our Vision

Our purpose as a charity is to enable people to make informed choices concerning their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being, in a way which reflects our belief in unconditional acceptance in order to:

Actively empower individuals
Encourage their sense of self worth
Help them realise their full potential

We do this through appropriate and feasible feedback and sustained contact with other professionals.

The Mission

Rhema Counselling is a value driven organisation, originating from Christian perspective and believing in no compromise on hope for people’s lives no matter what their situation.

We pride ourselves on our ethos of compassion, care, creativity and integrity in all areas of work.

We are a placement provider, mentoring and training new counsellors study from Level 4 - Masters Degree in Counselling  

Our Partners include:
East Riding College
Leeds University
Coventry University
Roehampton University

But Why?

Mental Health effects everyone at some stage of their lives and can last for decades,  in some cases affecting relationships, families and communities. Our experience in providing counselling and recovery, of some 20 years, is that we help YOU find your path to healing.

For maintained recovery, long-term healing must come to the heart of a person, so we aim to provide the necessary classes and courses that will get to the root of the problems…Rejection, Abuse, Abandonment, Trauma, Loss etc. We endeavour to provide a non-judgemental environment for anyone that seeks out our help at our locations in East Yorkshire.


I appreciate it's hard to be vulnerable in front of a new counsellor, I want to reassure you, we will be encouraging and empathic as we help you articulate what you are facing, so we can get to the heart of your issue.

Experience in counselling is everything when you are relaying on a professional to help you through challenging situations, that's why we pride ourselves in providing well trained counsellors.

Our team of counsellors have a variety of experience and knowledge in many fields of counselling - Trauma, Inner-Child, Addiction, Depression and Anxiety to name a few. We provide specialist help to adults, encouraging positive change through individual and couple counselling.
So when you visit Rhema you will be getting a professional person that will be non-judgemental, empathic and caring.

I'd like to add, It will be our privilege to help you, so, call today and one of our team will assist you!

Paul Linley

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Meet Our Team

Our Leadership Team


CEO, Founder &
Integrative Counsellor

Paul is the founder and CEO of the charity and responsible for the day-to-day running of all the charities projects.

His work is dedicated to helping people develop healthy relationships and productive, satisfying lives. You may be experiencing depression, anxiety, addiction, a difficult situation, a sense that somehow your life is not working out as you’d like. It would be my privilege to work with you. 


Administrator, Leader & Therapist

Jane is the Admin manager at the charity  She gained a 1st in Psychology & Counselling Degree as well as Level 4 in counselling.

Past working experience as a coach she was responsible to train her colleagues on all aspects of policies, procedures and best practices. 



Geoff is now retired but used to work in Whitehall, London as a civil servant and continues to help us with his knowledge of business and financial expertise.



Valerie worked has a nurse, but on retirement volunteered at our charity and became one of our 12-Step teachers. Her nursing creditials and knowledge helps us formulate our outreach projects.



Jackie is a director of a local port business in Goole, East Yorkshire and brings extensive business knowledge to the charity.

Our Qualified Therapists


Integrative Counsellor


Person-Centred Therapist


Person-Centred Therapist


Person-Centred Therapist


Person-Centred Therapist

Our Trainees


Trainee Person-Centered Therapist


Trainee Person-Centered Therapist


Trainee Person-Centered Therapist


Trainee Person-Centered Therapist


Trainee Person-Centered Therapist


Trainee Therapist


Trainee Person-Centered Therapist