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Renewing Minds - Changing Lives

Begin to make the change today and feel the benefit of our confidential counselling service.

It's time for YOU to more than just survive - YOU were made to thrive!

So, let us assist you in finding your solutions.



CEO Paul Linley

I appreciate it's hard to be vulnerable in front of a new counsellor, I want to reassure you, we will be encouraging and empathic as we help you articulate what you are facing, so we can get to the heart of your issue.

Experience in counselling is everything when you are relaying on a professional to help you through challenging situations, that's why we pride ourselves in providing well trained counsellors.

Our team of counsellors have a variety of experience and knowledge in many fields of counselling - Trauma, Inner-Child, Addiction, Depression and Anxiety to name a few. We provide specialist help to adults, encouraging positive change through individual and couple counselling.
So when you visit Rhema you will be getting a professional person that will be non-judgemental, empathic and caring.

I'd like to add, It will be our privilege to help you, so, call today and one of our team will assist you!

Paul Linley

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What to expect from Counselling?

We know it takes a lot of courage to walk into a counselling office. That's why we strive to create a private and safe place where you feel comfortable sharing your hurts and difficulties.

You will be given an initial assessment so that we can determine what suitable course of action needs to be taken and the level of counselling you'll be placed on.

We listen, ask questions, and help you set goals for counselling. We are a team, working together, side by side.
Take the first step and reach out to us for a private and confidential conversation about how we can assist you in meeting your counselling needs.

Our service is chargeable from £50 per session, however concessions can be made for those on low incomes etc at a minimum of £10 per session; which can be discussed at the time of your assessment.

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Trauma Counselling Service

This service is for those who have suffered abuse, rape or sexual trauma (either directly or indirectly), childhood trauma, domestic trauma and abuse. Our staff are trauma trained and this is a priority service, where each person will be assessed promptly and placed with a counsellor as quickly as possible.

In counselling sessions you can explore various aspects of your life and feelings after abuse or trauma. Our counsellors are person-centred, which means they work with you to find your own ways of recovering, and will support you with empathy, understanding and care, without any judgement.

Pre-trial therapy gives you a space to explore the impacts of your experiences without compromising any investigations or ongoing trials. Therapy during this time can help you through the added pressures that investigations and trials can bring, and may give you tools to use in your daily life to help you with stress, anxiety, anger, fear or frustration.


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Counselling Services

About the services we provide

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Book an appointment to see one of our counselling team

Client Feedback

Those that we've help on their journey

Rhema Recovery - Sister Charity

Our sister charity, for those struggling with any kind of addiction.

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Counselling Services

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Adult Counselling

You will be offered an initial appointment (known as an assessment) to discuss your counselling requirements.

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Couples Counselling

Learn how to work through those relationship difficulties. This is for any committed couple struggling in their relationship. Sometimes one partner attends alone to begin with and later the other one may join in.

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Clergy or Christian Counselling

Ministry brings particular and unique stresses. We can support you with either personal or group/leadership counselling.

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Corporate Counselling

We have a dedicated team that can enhance your company/staff to deal with your workforce mental health/sickness issues.

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Possible Issues

Mental Health

We can help with a multitude of conditions...see below

Physical Health

We help you deal with your stress and anxiety issues that aid your physical health

Spiritual Health

Our team can facilitate a spiritual connection and understand God or your Higher Power!

ConditionsConditions Conditions Conditions
Alcohol / Substance AbuseDivorceLife TransitionsStress
Anger IssuesDrug AbuseMarital IssuesSpirituality
AnxeityFamily ConflictPeer RelationshipsSubstance Abuse


Life Coaching
Self Esteem

Sexual Addiction

Sexual / Physical Abuse

Our Treatments

Christian Counselling


Inner-Child Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural


Family / Marital


Addiction Therapy

Click on link to book an Appointment

Rhema Video

Our Counselling Promo

Watch our 20sec video of the kind of mental health issues we provide our clients assistance with. If you're struggling with any of these conditions please do get in touch today. 

Our Contact Details:

Selby Street Mission
Selby Street, Hull HU3 3PB

(+44)7817 035430
Call us now

[email protected]

Who We Are

We are a Christian Charity providing counselling to individuals or couples that seek help for various mental health conditions.

We also provide placement training to counselling students.

Contact us for more information.

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